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Mystic - by Amos Mtambala

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This awe-inspiring painting portrays the beauty and spirituality of African culture through an African woman adorned in vibrant Kitenge clothes with her hands raised in prayer. The woman's closed eyes and open mouth convey her devotion and surrender to a higher power, capturing the essence of African spirituality. The presence of the Eye of Osiris adds a mystical and powerful element to the composition, representing the all-seeing eye of God and providing protection, wisdom, and guidance to those who invoke it. The use of Kitenge fabric showcases the rich textile traditions of Africa, adding vibrancy and color to the composition. This painting is a must-have for art lovers, collectors, and those who appreciate the beauty and depth of African culture.

Handmade African Art 

Medium : Paint, Oil, Acrylic, Ink
Support: Canvas
Framing: Not Framed
Origin: Handcrafted in Tanzania 

Mystic - by Amos Mtambala
Mystic - by Amos Mtambala Sale price£150.00