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About Us

At Zambezi Gallery we have created a space where people can feel the heritage of all the unique, handmade art and furniture from around the world in their own homes. We believe that feeling the soul behind each and every item is what makes the piece special. That is why we work hand in hand with our artisans to feel the passion they have for their art form. 

Looking at the current ebbs and flows of home décor, we have noticed how difficult it can be to find authentic cultural handmade pieces in the UK. With a lack of promotion for these styles, we felt it was important to showcase the thousands of years of beauty and tradition each piece of art brings with it. 

Zambezi Gallery is a curated collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase the history and diversity of different cultures. We work directly with artisans and small businesses to bring you high-quality, ethically-made items that will add personality and warmth to any space.

We feel an immense sense of pride and duty working everyday with our partners and suppliers towards keeping the culture and traditional arts alive of each region. In many cases, these arts are not appreciated and are dying away in many parts of the world. We are honoured to do our part in shining a spotlight towards helping artisans enjoy their art form and be able to allow their art form to bloom into full fruition. We also truly believe that the curated items in our collections will offer a sense of uniqueness and flavour to any home. We hope Zambezi Gallery will inspire you to explore new cultures and appreciate the artistry and effort behind each piece.