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Bedside table

Samarkand Collection

Samarkand, located in modern-day Uzbekistan, was once a bustling city on the ancient Silk Road trade route, linking China to the Mediterranean. Today, it continues to inspire with its rich history, culture, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Our collection showcases the exceptional quality, beauty, and cultural significance of each item. Working with local artisans and craftspeople, we ensure that every piece reflects the rich history and traditions of Samarkand.


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Balkh Painted CabinetBalkh Painted Cabinet
Balkh Painted Cabinet Sale price£240.00
Nur Sultan Painted Bedside TableNur Sultan Painted Bedside Table
Mughlai CabinetMughlai Cabinet
Mughlai Cabinet Sale price£262.00
Iron Bedside TableIron Bedside Table
Iron Bedside Table Sale price£272.00
Hand Carved & Painted Side TableHand Carved & Painted Side Table
Bukhara Brass Bedside TableBukhara Brass Bedside Table
Bukhara Brass Bedside Table Sale price£260.00
Bukhara Brass Side TableBukhara Brass Side Table
Bukhara Brass Side Table Sale price£270.00