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African Wood Sculptures

African Wood Sculptures

Evoke the essence of Africa's rich artistic heritage with Zambezi Gallery's remarkable African wood sculptures. Each piece tells a story, a testament to the skilled hands that have shaped it. Immerse yourself in the intricate details, the history, and the beauty that only authentic African craftsmanship can offer. Discover a curated collection that captures the spirit of the continent and invites its timeless elegance into your world. Explore now and make these sculptures a cherished part of your journey.

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Ebony Leopard SculptureEbony Leopard Sculpture
Ebony Leopard Sculpture Sale price£480.00
Jacaranda Horse SculptureJacaranda Horse Sculpture
Jacaranda Horse Sculpture Sale price£1,440.00
Jacaranda Hand Painted Giraffe SculptureJacaranda Hand Painted Giraffe Sculpture
Jacaranda Elephant SculptureJacaranda Elephant Sculpture
Jacaranda Elephant Sculpture Sale price£1,440.00
Ebony Rhino Sculpture
Ebony Rhino Sculpture Sale price£780.00
Jacaranda Carved Giraffe SculptureJacaranda Carved Giraffe Sculpture
Jacaranda Carved Giraffe Sculpture Sale priceFrom £115.00