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Anatolian Rug Collection

Anatolian Rug Collection

Unveil the artistry of Anatolian culture through Zambezi Gallery's curated Anatolian Rug Collection. Each rug is a masterpiece, woven with generations of skill and tradition, inviting you to trace the intricate patterns and vibrant hues that tell tales of history. Elevate your surroundings with the warmth and beauty of these handcrafted treasures, and let the spirit of Anatolia resonate in every corner of your space. Experience the legacy of craftsmanship that transcends time – explore and shop now to bring the heart of Anatolia home.

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Muted Beige Antique Persian Mahal RugMuted Beige Antique Persian Mahal Rug
Antique Persian Oushak RugAntique Persian Oushak Rug
Antique Persian Oushak Rug Sale price£2,508.00
Antique Hereke RugAntique Hereke Rug
Antique Hereke Rug Sale price£2,868.00
Vintage Faded Green Turkish RugVintage Faded Green Turkish Rug
Vintage Faded Green Turkish Rug Sale price£1,300.00
Vintage Turkish Oushak RugVintage Turkish Oushak Rug
Vintage Turkish Oushak Rug Sale price£2,586.00
Anatolian Oushak RugAnatolian Oushak Rug
Anatolian Oushak Rug Sale price£2,390.00
Bold Red Afghan RugBold Red Afghan Rug
Bold Red Afghan Rug Sale price£2,484.00
Antique Muted Persian RugAntique Muted Persian Rug
Antique Muted Persian Rug Sale price£2,238.00
1950s Antique Muted Persian Mahal Rug1950s Antique Muted Persian Mahal Rug
Antique Persian Mahal RugAntique Persian Mahal Rug
Antique Persian Mahal Rug Sale price£2,862.00
Vintage Oversized Regal Oushak RugVintage Oversized Regal Oushak Rug
Oversized  Ethnic Old Kilim RugOversized  Ethnic Old Kilim Rug
Oversized Ethnic Old Kilim Rug Sale price£2,100.00
Vintage Oversized Oushak RugVintage Oversized Oushak Rug
Vintage Oversized Oushak Rug Sale price£5,500.00
Turkish Tulu RugTurkish Tulu Rug
Turkish Tulu Rug Sale price£2,990.00
Red Blue Anatolian RunnerRed Blue Anatolian Runner
Red Blue Anatolian Runner Sale price£1,865.00
Blue Red Turkish Oushak RugBlue Red Turkish Oushak Rug
Blue Red Turkish Oushak Rug Sale price£3,155.00
1950s Antique Soumak Rug1950s Antique Soumak Rug
1950s Antique Soumak Rug Sale price£2,625.00
Vintage 1960s Oversized Oushak RugVintage 1960s Oversized Oushak Rug
Caucasian Sumac RugCaucasian Sumac Rug
Caucasian Sumac Rug Sale price£2,210.00
1950s Vintage Red Balkans Pirot Kilim Rug1950s Vintage Red Balkans Pirot Kilim Rug
Turkish Oushak RugTurkish Oushak Rug
Turkish Oushak Rug Sale price£2,025.00
Vintage 1960s Oversized RugVintage 1960s Oversized Rug
Vintage 1960s Oversized Rug Sale price£3,226.00
1950s Turkish Rug1950s Turkish Rug
1950s Turkish Rug Sale price£2,005.00